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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thank God. We have a game tomorrow which means no frickin' pratice!! We play Paw Paw, and I'm really excitied because there is this boy there and he was asking my grandma about me and for my phone number and stuff so i hope he goes tomorrow!!! Well, anywho. This Teddy concert is stressing me out! I really wanna get the tickets soon and find out who the hell is taking us. Since Teddy is going to be the first boy on the cover of 17 in 5 years they are doing this special thing for him where the first 50 people get in to see him do a mini concert and hang out with him. Well everyone is posting about it and then everyone is going to find out! which stressses me out even fickin more!! ugh..

well I have to go to bed because I fell asleep in class today and i dont' wanna do that again tomorrow so nighty night